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family might be throwing weight behind a democratic nominee. george w. bush's daughter barbara claims she wants hillary clinton to become president. two years ago, she supported gay marriage in a youtube video. >>> the show in the bay area will take about 12 seconds. ryan pateo says that is how long it will take to implode anest bay landmark. >> everyday i look at the building, but it will not be there anymore. >> reporter: a view like this makes cal state east bay's warren hall like small. lee baker lives three miles from campus. >> and i want to find out as much as i can about earthquakes. >> reporter: the experts want to learn, too. that is why they are plants these near campus. including a few at baker's house. >> i will have a front row seat. >> reporter: the 13-story build sergeant now a shell of what it was. it was the worth earthquake hazard so school officials closed it because it is so close to the fault. >> the fault is about a thousand yards in that direction. in 12 seconds, that building is going to be a pile of rubble. >> reporter: implosions like like this one. the company
clinton beat george hw bush to get the presidency. rough night for big daddy cain, look a line drive from gabby sanchez. cain would leave, but the rays were negative. the pirates blew it open. sanchez with the two-run ground rule double, pittsburgh scored seven in tinning and the pirates win 10-5. i have the thursday night top five. at number five, we were in kansas city last week, but i tell you, i didn't see any catches like this. the royals alex gordon makes it, but chicago won the game 4- 3. at number four, brian wilson now bleeding dodger blue, finished la off 6-0 against miami. that picture, lee, who played all nine positions in san rafael last night. number two, these guys in oregon, three of them, this time including somebody on a roller skate and a person in a gorilla suit. but this washington state cheer leader did a black flip and threw the ball from three quarters court and look. oh man. unbelievable. i do like the guys in the swimming pool. they know they are going national now. they will be in the top five tomorrow night. be right back. i want you to know stuff i don't. i wa
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)